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“Discover the array of money-saving benefits exclusively for NTEU members.”

Benefits Breakdown

From protecting your workplace rights to protecting your wallet, there are great benefits to being an NTEU member. Along with these benefits, NTEU members are backed by the collective strength of a union.

  • Free Tax Preparation and Filing―NTEU members can prepare and file their federal and state income taxes at no cost.

  • Insurance―Life happens. NTEU members can choose from a variety of insurance products including life, accident, disability, cancer, and critical illness. There are also group discounts on auto, homeowners’, and renters’ policies.

  • Travel/Car―Save money on hotel stays and rental cars. Time for an oil change? Save at participating Jiffy Lube locations.

  • Health Care Services―Get discounts on health screenings provided by LifeLine Screenings at convenient locations in your community.

  • Professional Services―NTEU has a special discount for members looking to become Certified Public Accountants or needing attorney services.

  • Home and Moving―Don’t put up a “For Sale” sign without first checking out NTEU’s home-moving discounts. NTEU members can receive a cash rebate from Weichert Relocation Resources, Inc. and save on National Van Lines services.

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Improved Benefits

Having a say in decisions affecting your work life is one great benefit that nonmembers do not have. Here are other workplace-improving benefits you have as an NTEU member:

  • You can be part of – and vested in – a powerful organization that fights for your rights. The many rights and benefits enjoyed by federal employees didn’t come easily. No one handed them to us, not Congress, not the White House, not any federal agency. NTEU members won them, at the bargaining table, through legislation and by having a voice in the workplace.

  • Increasingly, union members are also lawyers, CPAs, bank examiners, IT experts, scientists, doctors, and analysts. Your voice is strengthened with NTEU. NTEU gives white-collar employees expertise and

power at the bargaining table. In the workplace, you often don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. It’s a myth that unions are only for blue-collar workers. The reality remains that unions are the linchpin of a positive workplace and satisfying work life.

  • You get news on important issues in your workplace and throughout the federal sector. The union’s flagship publication, the NTEU Bulletin, provides in-depth coverage of federal employee news as well as columns on retirement and workplace rights. For breaking news and alerts, NTEU has a weekly e-Bulletin. There are also several specialized digital publications and updates exclusively for NTEU members.

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